Welcome to my web page. I am a researcher affiliated with the Logic and Philosophy of Science Research Group at UMCP working in the foundations of quantum mechanics. I obtained my PhD in theoretical physics in 1999 at UMCP in the area of nonlinear dynamics (soliton theory, inverse scattering) and fiber optics.

My current research is on reconstructing quantum mechanics from natural physical principles. This domain started from an idea of Bohr that the correspondence principle has more secrets to reveal. Acting on this, in early 1970s at Yeshiva University, Emile Grgin and Aage Petersen found the common mathematical structure of classical and quantum mechanics (based on Lie and Jordan algebras). I am expanding this paradigm to obtain the complete reconstruction of quantum mechanics starting from three natural physical postulates:

- no experiment can reveal a change in time of the laws of nature (the laws of nature are stable)
- no experiment can reveal a preferred partition of a system into subsystems (the Plank constant is unique)
- positivity (the ability to construct a state of a physical system and make testable predictions. i.e. physics is an experimental science)

This seems to recover not only quantum mechanics but is able to justify to some degree gauge theory as well.

Contact: fmoldoveatgmaildotcom