This is the result that made all this possible:

Early 1970s, Emil Grgin and Aage Petersen (Bohr's personal assistant) were investigating the links between classical and quantum mechanics at Yeshiva University in NY. It was Bohr's belief that the correspondence principle had more to reveal.

Out of this work first came the idea of the correspondence between observables and generators (now known as dynamic correspondence), and to make it all tie up, the idea of composability. This turned up to be a core principle of nature and the key insight needed to really understand quantum mechanics.

Lectures on Algebraic Topology:

If you are trying to understand homotopy and homology, this YouTube series by Norm Wildberger at the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia is a gold mine.

Alain Connes web page:

This is a must read for any serious researcher in the Standard Model.

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